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The Tide

Posted on February 20, 2016 at 12:07 PM Comments comments (0)

Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels.

In some places, the ocean is rather predictable.  Some shore points offer a wide beach and predictable waves.  Those points become hot spots for tourists, swimmers, and surfers.

This winter we traveled to Northern California.  We were there with family for about 2 l/2 months.  This shore point was different from all we had ever encountered.  (See "my bench" on the bluff, where I liked to spend time.)

There were many bluffs and cliffs.  The view from the bluffs, however, was spectacular.  The cliffs were beautiful and golden, and the foliage with red was gorgeous.

Access to the beach at some spots was a bit treacherous and uninviting to most.  Some were steep and muddy when it rained.  The clay could create a lot of difficulty before it dried out.  One day, we found out that when we got that kind of mud on our shoes, it was hard to walk – and a real chore to get the mud off. 

Sometimes, there were those who braved the steep slopes and tried to skirt around the mud.  The horses carrying riders were able to maneuver down the slopes quickly.  With long walks or driving, we could get to some more desirable entrances onto the beach. 

It was a narrow beach.  When the tide was high, there was very little beach.  The signs were ominous.  Signage like – UNPREDICTABLE WAVES, RIP CURRENTS, and TSUNAMI ROUTE alerted visitors.  In a few places, there was extreme erosion with warnings to not come too close to the edge.

One day, we were standing on the beach.  It was obvious that the waves were erratic.  My husband was standing on a mound of sand that the ocean had orchestrated.  It seemed so high above the waves that safety seemed evident.  I walked up on the mound with him after he took some pictures.  We were facing each other, engaged in conversation, when the unexpected happened:  a high, powerful wave came up over the mound of sand we were standing on.  It surprised us and covered our feet and calves.  Quickly it was gone.  Our shoes and jeans were wet, and we laughed hysterically.  Such fun!  Yes!  We understood completely the term “erratic waves.”

I was reminded several times during my stay of the song lyrics “Like a crashing wave, flowing over me.  Holy Love, flow in me.”  I know from experience that the spiritual, crashing waves are God’s mercy that comes through the conviction of the Holy Spirit to cleanse us from unrighteousness – leaving only His Love in the wake.

So, we know that God is love, Jesus is our Savior, and, the Holy Spirit loves us enough to teach, counsel, and guide us (if we allow it).  The Living Water of the Holy Spirit is what we all need – and lots of waves of it – to keep us well-hydrated and healthy. 

We can just skirt the shore, refusing to allow the water touch us.  We should not just flirt with Living Water, but it happens to The Church more than we can imagine.  Many have not been educated from the Word of God on this subject, and they have no experience on this spiritual shore.  It’s that shallow walk that prevents us from being overcome by the Spirit of God!  Useless, dead religion is a portion that many have embraced without knowing the joy of “more.”  Some receive a thimble full of water or let a small wave hit them – but it’s gone quickly.  It’s not enough to make any impact.  It won’t sustain or change.  It’s a sad state of affairs because there is no empowerment and no spiritual growth – only despair in the not knowing what you are missing.

The call in this hour is to become immersed – totally covered – totally surrendered.  It’s the only way to have victory.  There are some man-made barriers.  Like the bluffs and cliffs that keep beach visitors at bay, man-man doctrines, the enemy’s devices, and fear can stop a believer from getting close to the Living Water flow. 

God wants to send another wave of glory your way.  He wants to engulf you so that all of your unholy expectations go by the wayside – just like driftwood. 

He wants you to venture out on the beach farther than you’ve ever gone before.  The only thing is . . . these waves are unpredictable and can swamp the untruths and fears at a moment’s notice, leaving you with truth and faith in JESUS – the only way to THE FATHER!


Posted on October 31, 2015 at 10:56 AM Comments comments (0)
October 30, 2015
In case you haven’t noticed, in October I have been talking about taking your friends to the mountain of God.  That involves the gift of mercy.  Because none of us are perfect, we are asked to stay in an attitude of love toward others.  We have friends who have stood by us in the hard times, and we appreciate them.  When they have troubles, we need to be strong for them and lift them up before the Throne of Grace.  All of us should be interceding for our friends.  It’s really not hard.  We treat them the way we would like to be treated ourselves. 

Our very best friend is JESUS.  He never fails us!  Exposed are the wonderful things He is doing for our friends.  We see the results of our prayers.  And, I love the way He prompts us when our friends need help.  When our attitudes need to be adjusted, we see benefits, and our hearts migrate back to mirror God’s loving heart.

During the course of friendships, sin is uncovered.  The Word says that “Love covers over a multitude of sins.”  As we speak the truth of the Word in love, pray, and uplift, we won’t give up on others.  What a blessing it is to have a praying friend that can go with us straight to the Master!  As change comes, it cements our belief in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform our lives and the lives of our friends.

Job’s friends left him down, but in the end He prayed for them and God was pleased.  Sometimes we are misunderstood and need the fortitude from God to be able wait and to let Him do the persuading.  In the Old Testament, the priests stood in the gap and prayed for the people.  We too will stand in the gap for our friends when we see they need God’s intervention.  Believe that your prayers will touch the heart of God!

As you go up to the high places in God today, focus on His goodness.  Apply the blood of Jesus to those things in your friends’ lives that need to be changed.  As you pray, ask for the heart of God, the compassion of Jesus, and the working of the Holy Spirit in all that concerns you. 

                     Mission:  “Helping Others Answer God's Call”


Rest and Wait on The Mountain

Posted on September 20, 2015 at 10:19 AM Comments comments (0)
What does it mean to go up to the mountain of the Lord?  Well, have you ever had an encounter – a real encounter with the Lord?  I’m sure many of you have!  Some have not.  Will it take a more concentrated effort to meet with God?  Yes!  It will!
Perhaps you’ve had a fleeting moment when you had a divine thought that solved an immediate problem.  Or, maybe you had a feeling that God was watching you closely.  You know, God can communicate with us in so many ways – just the way you need Him to, and at just the right moment.
Everyone has that opportunity to connect.  It’s not just for leaders or the absolute holy.  The Bible proves that, because we see flawed humans who had divine encounters with a holy God – Jehovah, to be exact.  So, why wouldn’t He want to communicate with His very own creation?  Didn’t He have that in mind from the beginning?  Yes!  It’s all about relationship!

From the quiet moments in your own abode, to corporate worship with others . . . God is reaching out to those who are looking to Him.  When we don’t get all caught up in rules, regulations, and agendas and we shift our attention from man to open our hearts to Him, He responds.  He knows we aren’t doing everything perfect, and He will not press passed our intents to control, chatter away, and manipulate Him.  That’s why when we rest and get refreshed and sit quietly and wait for Him to take the initiative, He responds.  Oh my, don’t we forget to do that in this totally modern world of filling up the spaces with so much that has nothing to do with our relationship with Him? 

Just as the woman traditionally so often sets the tone of the home, each of us has an opportunity to set the tone of our lives to include our Maker.  Quiet, prayer, worship music, The Word, and concentration on making that live connection . . . results in positioning yourself to receive.  You must begin alone with Him  . . . then it will flow out in other places.  Drop that connection and we see a movement that is nothing but flesh, intellectualism, and a hit or miss objective.
So which is it for you?  It’s a wild call – a beautiful call from the God of the universe.  Connect on the Father level, the Son level, the Holy Spirit level.  You need all three:  Maker, Savior, Keeper.  Your very best interest is at the heart of The Trinity.  Won’t you answer the call that is going out today  . . . and tomorrow  . . . and throughout Eternity?  This call includes you!  You’re a part of the family of God, if you’ve given your heart to Jesus.  Why not be a close family member? 

And, don’t forget to make introductions to those who have never answered the call.  Connect with them, pray for and with them, and watch them grow.  This family is growing, and growing, and growing!  It starts for each of us with the mountain-top experience.   Take time today to seek God.  Wait for it!  You will have success!  You will have time together to enjoy the Kingdom of God and watch it grow . . . one heart at a time, going to the mountain.

The High Places

Posted on September 11, 2015 at 4:42 PM Comments comments (0)
Woke up one morning last week with the Ron Kenoly song in my spirit:  “Going Up to the High Places.”  The next line is “to tear the devil’s kingdom down.”  

It really is the intercessor’s job to do battle in the heavenlies.  And, when we get together with others who know how to get a prayer through, the corporate dynamic comes into play.  

How can that happen?  

Unity by the Spirit of God is not a new thing, but it has been tragically impeded by those who are building their own kingdoms.  As a woman apostle/prophet – or should I say moving in that anointing, because I am not hung up on titles – I want to gather people to pray in one accord for the purpose of enjoying an open heaven.  

How does that start?  

With real worship that centers on singing and talking directly to God, not just about Him.  We will be doing just that at our next meeting on September 26th here in Harrisburg, PA.  Join us if you can, or find others who are connecting through worship and prayer.  

And, remember that the Lord needs you to bring your requests to Him.


Posted on August 19, 2015 at 8:14 AM Comments comments (0)
Last week, I was interviewed on international internet radio about my ministry and many, many subjects.  I thank God that He was with me and that Christopher Thomas of is such an excellent host.  He has a way of drawing the best out and asking the right questions.  It’s always my desire to see souls saved and people encouraged in the Lord.  As I reminisce, it’s always a wonder of who in the world might hear this event.  This station is already reaching 93 countries.  In this world of scrolling by so many FB posts, emails, and websites  . . . could it be that the right audience will hear?  I certainly pray so.  One thing for sure, before I went on the air the Lord gave me a word, and it was “transition.”

The word “transition” continues to be a trigger word for many who are under the gun, so to speak, in knowing that change is inevitable and required.  Seeing some who are changing to the next season of their lives with a new career, mission or responsibility – it is not something to be sneezed at, or dismissed as easy. 

Some are transitioning into a new mindset because they are staying right where they have been for a while.  Because we love to try something new and sometimes look for being validated by being an expert at something, we don’t want to fall into the trap of being discontent or unsatisfied when we are required to continue in the same situation.  There are times when God just wants us to continue on in faith with the same people, places, or things on into the next season.  So whether the word is to “go” or “stay,” God can put an anointing on you that transcends above the unfamiliar or familiar.

My prayer for you today is that you have the peace and inner strength prompted by the Holy Spirit to continue in this journey, knowing that you are running the good race.