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Call of the Wild Ministries

"Helping Others Answer God's Call"


October 2020 


Call of the Wild Ministries Newsletter

By Mary Eisenacher, Apostle/Founder

In this issue:

  • Serving Digitally
  • New Resources
  • Testimonies
  • How Can We Help You?
  • Prayer
  • What’s Next
  • Thanksgiving Offering

Serving Digitally

Our purpose has not changed, but indeed the delivery has been transformed. Have you seen my new blog called 3-Minute Mile? That is the main event right now. Although many ministry activities have slowed down and are even in stoppage, the gospel continues through digital media. I am pleased to be reachable by phone, FaceTime, Email, Facebook, Website, Blog, and Zoom.


Those we minister to are calling in with reports of healing, deliverance, renewed faith, and new and unprecedented times of being in God’s presence that brings joy, peace, and fresh vision for their lives.

Even during intense warfare, we have been praying and locking our shields of faith together with individuals and other ministries — coming as a united front against the enemy’s schemes. Destinies are emerging. Obedience to God’s call is foremost. It is always an encouragement to hear from you what God is doing in your lives. He is The Great I AM.


How can we help You?

 Request ministry

 Share your testimony

 Check out the website —

 Join Call of the Wild Ministries Facebook Group

 Request a Facebook Live Group or Zoom Meeting

 Order the new resources

 Ask to collaborate with your ministry

New Resources

Most of us are interested in ways to find joy in a world that is in chaos. Fresh insight and a stirring of faith are a necessity. And, we need to know who the God of The Holy Bible is and why we need to “hallow” Him.

The Merry Heart, Morning Light, and Hallowed are my three new books that answer our heart’s cry. They are filled with timely, helpful, problem-solving clues. Order your copies today. They are very inexpensive, but powerful. Click on the Resource Page button here on the website to see pictures, more explanations, and prices.  


It is a time of fasting and prayer for our nation. Our President needs our prayers. He continues to fight for our rights as Christians and the lives of the unborn. Please plan to vote your values in this election. Keep the voting process lifted to the throne of grace that it will be fair and uncorrupted. We will continue to stand in the gap for those in power that God will change, rearrange, or remove those who obstinately stand against the gospel of Christ Jesus.

This crucial election will determine the direction of our country. Pray and listen for divine guidance and also check out both party’s platforms — go to their websites. Then, vote for the godliest choice.

We will continue to hold up the arms of our brothers and sisters in all walks and seasons of their lives.

What is on your heart in prayer? Share with us what God is prompting you about in this hour. Our grapevine needs activation for such a time as this. We want to know how to pray for you and perhaps even partner with you in prayer.

Please remember the leaders of Call of the Wild Ministries in your prayers. We are on the front line of ministry and covet your prayers to undergird and fortify us so that we can continue to answer God’s call on our lives.

New Fall Season Theme

“Sanctify To Keep From Falling”

The Fall Season is here. It is the same beautiful gospel message of hope that we offer all we serve in every season. It is our privilege to have a first-hand view of God working so powerfully in the lives of His beloved.

John 17:17 (TPT)

“Your Word is truth! So make them holy by the truth.”

To sanctify means to cleanse, purge, purify. Lock arms with us in this season as we live out Onward Christian Soldiers and explore this topic. We want you to succeed and march on in faith that our righteous God can help us every step of the way. Keep the faith, and we hope to see you soon.

Thanksgiving Offering

Prayerfully consider sending a love offering so that our mission to “Help Others Answer God’s Call” continues.

Use the convenient website Donation Page at